Bun And Thigh

Bun And Thigh

Bun & Thigh Roller Exercise System

Bun & Thigh Roller Exercise System
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Bun & Thigh Roller Exercise System

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Anyone can use it! The Bun &Thigh Roller is as easy to use as a rocking chair. As you rock backwards, the resistance band challenges your muscles, making them stronger, tighter and more toned while minimizing impact to your knees and back. The padded back and head rest provide a comfortable workout that doesn't feel like work. And the Bun &Thigh Roller adjusts to your height, so it fits anybody. Eight resistance settings! By using different combinations of the resistance bands, the Bun &Thigh Roller provides eight levels of difficulty, so it's great for a total beginner or a serious athlete. Just five minutes a day! The revolutionary sculpting arc motion targets five muscle groups with one magic motion. In just five minutes you can workout these five muscle groups: glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, inner thighs, and outer thighs (abductors).

Product Details:
Package Length: 35.0 inches
Package Width: 30.0 inches
Package Height: 16.0 inches
Package Weight: 15.3 pounds
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 15 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

17 of 17 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent stretch, Builds stronger toned glutes,hamstrings and front upper thighs  Aug 09, 2007
By Lindsay T.
OK, first off, I'm only rating this 5 stars to counteract the lady who gave it one star unfairly when this thing actually works (She also has a pattern of trashing products and giving out 1 star reviews without actually taking the time to use them). As long as you press down into the floor and don't use a slippery surface it will not slide back and it does really hit the target areas that it advertises. I also added to the workout by putting mine next to the wall and placing my feet on the wall instead of the carpet and it hits even more of your buns and hamstrings. It is also very good for stretching your hamstrings and backside. Also, just keep your back flat and flush with the pad and you will be fine.

You can't expect a miracle product for under $40 bucks, but for the cheap price and small size, this thing gets 4 stars and it works too. Where else can you get a good occasional lower body workout for this price?

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3Not that effective  Jun 25, 2006
I have this product for a couple of months now. The reason I bought this product is because I have hip,knee and back problems and I wanted a product easy on my body and still that would work my bun and thighs. Here are the downsides: It is not as comfortable as it is shown on TV. Your body slides down and you have to continuosly push yourself up using your arms in an awkard position. So I end up working up no more than 3-5 minutes. The roller keeps moving back as you exercise and you end up rolling across the room. The exercise is very easy and I am not even sure if it is working the bun and thigh muscles at all. The resistance band has only 2 adjustable positions, not that adjustable at all. You will probably end up buying another band that has more resistance since it does not feel like a work out. Also I bought the upper body attachment which is totally useless and waste of money. I would recommend a pilates machine or a pilates tape that you could use at home for injury-safe easy exercise.

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5It works!  Mar 24, 2009
By Michele Fisher "Shell38"
I have used this 3 weeks, 5 min a day using the one legged variations: 1 min each leg and the last set 30 sec. quick.
I am thin and my butt is flat, so I wanted to get a round butt.
I have noticed my pants stay on without a belt because my butt holds them on now!
My boyfriend even said he noticed my butt is rounder, and he was shocked that it works so well! Get it and USE it girls to get a great bootylicious buttocks!

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

3Ok, but not my favorite  Jul 26, 2007
By Bonniesmom "Bonniesmom"
I don't mind the workout, but it isn't my favorite. I can feel it in my buns and thighs but I also find that if I'm not careful to relax my shoulders and neck, it can cause me to have a lot of pain in my back and neck.

Oh and also, the black rubber has left some lovely stains on my carpet that were very difficult to clean off. If you have light-colored carpets, might want to put something down before using this.

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5An Oldie, But a Goody  Jul 15, 2011
By DojoDiva
Drug this out of the garage where it's been stored for a couple of years and find that it's a great complement to my exercise regime. It is a great stretch for the legs and torso and I can feel it working the muscles in those areas. The neck support is wonderful and is why I purchased it to begin with. No problems with slipping, in fact it is very stable. Other than a stationary bike this is the only exercise device that I haven't sent to Play It Again Sports.

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